Covid Guidelines

Covid-19 Addendum
Due to Covid-19 some of our policies and operating procedures will be followed. Please understand that the children’s safety is our first priority and due to state and county guidelines, we will be using the most restrictive protocols.

  • Please remain outside Suite G for temperature and health checks. A staff member will take your child’s temperature before they are allowed to enter the facility.
  • Parents may not enter the building. You must remain outside of your child’s classroom. Please say your goodbyes and wish them well.
  • All parents are required to wear a mask at drop and pick up times.
  • If another family is checking in, please observe social distancing.
  • Please yourself enough time in the mornings to do health checks and scanning. We understand that mornings are stressful and sometimes we run late. We will help to make this a smooth transition.
  • You must check your child through the contactless method through Brightwheel APP. You will be able to scan the preschool’s QR codes outside the check in area. Please do not scan your child and leave. You must make sure that a staff member has taken custody of your child and they are symptom free.
  • Please wash your child’s hands using the outdoor sink before walking them to their classroom.
  • You will be given a sticker to identify that you have been checked by a staff member.
  • Parents will remain outside the classroom or playground at pick up. The staff will notify your child and escort them to the door for departure.
  • If your child becomes ill while they are at the preschool, you will be notified by phone and/or the app. Your child will be in isolation until you arrive to limit the contact of other children and staff. You will be asked to pick them up within the hour.
  • If your child has been sent home due to illness they will not be able to return to the center for 48 hours symptom free without medication or must have a Doctor’s note that releases them and states they may return.
  • If your family has been exposed to Covid, you must notify the director immediately. If you have been exposed to Covid, your child (ren) may not be able to attend for 14 days.